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Gold-standard Methodology

Our primary line of business, we are a trusted advisor to financial services firms across Canada. From the development of a job description, through a thoroughly researched target-candidate pool to facilitating a successful offer phase where both candidates and clients feel heard and respected, we are your partner.


In addition to direct financial functions, we are also experts in recruiting senior executive talent for private equity portfolio companies - from CEOs to COOs and beyond.

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Candidate Identification and Sourcing

There are times when you don't need, or want, to undertake a full recruitment project. Our White Label Financial Markets Candidate Research team can help you to identify as many or as few candidates as your needs require. Whether it's a few hours of assistance or a market map of candidates with specific financial markets skills, White Label Financial Markets Candidate Research specializes in finding the prospects that you need.

If you are unsure of how your hiring plans will develop, our high-quality research can be expanded into a full-service search with 90% credit for fees paid.

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Designed to meet your specific needs.

We are flexible, creative and open to new ideas. If you have a specific need, we can work together to define a scope and provide as much or as little as required -  whether it's working on increasing the diversity of your team, determining market compensation for a role, or other bespoke project.



Discretion when you need it.

Our Dark Pool Confidential Search service is Newey & Co's specialized, discreet recruitment process, available when you need both an outstanding executive, and discretion. 

When the need arises, we would be pleased to share our approach to confidential recruitment.

Our Sevices

Newey & Co. believes in sharing its good fortune - and contributes 5% of all profits to Canadian registered charities. With the guidance of our Advisory Board, we support a variety of worthy causes that concentrate on health, safety and education for children and other vulnerable populations.

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